The War On Consciousness


The War On Consciousness


There is a war for your attention. You are one of the combatants, whether you know it or not. This war is being waged worldwide, and it is waged with opinions and beliefs. The goal of the war is power, as it always is in wars. The underlying reason for the war is fear, specifically the fears the Powerful suffer from, which they try to assuage by controlling those around themselves—who are us—whatever the cost.

This is a war for our attention, our beliefs, our labor, our choices. The effect of this war is to make us feel hopeless, helpless and inadequate within ourselves. And so many of us feel this way! It’s important to see, though, that we can only live like this when we’re kept dazed and out of breath by incessant hustling.

What does “incessant hustling” mean? It means that we are hustled at every turn to believe what the Powerful forces in our society tell us, which is overwhelmingly that we lack power over our own lives. Instead, we are taught in dozens of ways to consume, so we work to earn money to buy “stuff,” then spend all our free time using it. Then, we have to constantly hustle to make our economic and social ends meet.  We never dwell on the idea that maybe we have missed the point of our lives—until we get older, face death, or go through a major crisis. Only rarely do we step back from all this and take the time to figure out how to improve our situation. We have forgotten there is great hope for ourselves, and great help is available to us, if we could only tune in to it.

How To Win This War

The only way to win the war for our attention is to direct that attention in new directions that we determine. Beliefs that limit us become easier to drop. We no longer need to hate; we no longer need to use our beliefs to create enemies; we no longer need accept self-contempt, guilt, or any other supposed inadequacies.


Whose instructions are you following?

Whose life are you living? The definition of powerful people and organizations is this: the Powerful have the ability to make other people follow their instructions. If you followed your own genuine inner instructions instead, you’d be powerful, too, within yourself.

Having unwittingly been in this war all your life, you have certain remuneration and benefits coming. One benefit is that you become aware you are loved by other beings of great power—the Few—who urgently wish to contact you.

Note well: Here, as in many other situations, you are the solution to your own problems.

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