Our Programs

Our Programs – What we offer

Our programs serve essentially three purposes:

  1. To share with you what we have learned  over the past 15+ years about the true possibilities for humankind, and why we have only very rarely been able to achieve them.
  2. To provide a path toward the recovery of our spiritual heritage, lost in the nearly-forgotten Golden Age. This path is called the Fool’s Journey.
  3. To provide the nexus for an invitation-only support community for those we call Agents of the Few, to help the Few complete the tasks of the years and the ages.

To accomplish these goals, this site is divided into sections. There is an Outer Court where you can just look around to get a sense of what we’re up to. There is a Circle of Allies you can join (with just your name and email address) to get access to more information—our newsletters, videos and podcasts, and announcements of up-coming events.

The Fool’s Circle consists of paid courses that take you through the Fool’s Journey. We call it Fool’s School for short. Finally, the Agent’s Circle is for Agents engaged in tasks for the Few.

The Outer Court

This is where you can get your bearings; find out what becoming an Agent means;  find out, in fact, what’s really going on in the world, and what might be done about it.

To be clear, though, right up front, this is a non-violent, non-drug, inner program which seeks not to gain control of other people, but to gain control of yourself—something which is much harder. There are no gurus here, either. Finding your own inner Wisdom Beings is an essential task that we can teach you. We call this becoming an intrepreneur.

Frankly it’s not for everybody. But it might be for you. To let you find out, there is a lot of free material on this site, unlike other sites where much is hidden until you plunk down your money.

The Outer Court contains basic, introductory material. To find out more,  join the Circle of Allies.

The Circle of Allies

If you like what this site is about, you can become a Student of the Few by becoming one of our Allies. Here the emphasis is on learning about the world, yourself, and the possibilities inherent in both.

The Ally’s Circle roughly follows The Fool’s Secret Journey, Volume 1, which is its textbook. However, the book is only the starting point. In fact, you don’t even need to buy the book—although it gives a great overview of the whole situation we’re trying to fix. Different information, which supplements what’s in the book is available here. This helps the material come alive.

The Circle of Fools

Here you become an Agent in Training, which is what we call a Fool. The textbook for this Circle is The Fool’s Secret Journey, Volume 2. This is the first of two paid membership areas. The details of the Fool’s Journey Stages I-III are given here, as are the practices. They are presented in seven modules.

This circle emphasizes inner work. It’s for people who want to become Warrior-Fools.There are a lot of class materials only available here, plus videos and webinars.

The Fool’s Journey Materials

The Fool’s Circle uses the Tarot cards—with a very special interpretation unique to The Fool’s Journey—as a framework to describe what’s wrong with the world, and how to fix it. This interpretation of the Tarot is all Fred’s original material; you shouldn’t assume any of the interpretations of the cards carry over here. Instead, Fred has found that the cards make an exceptionally good framework that describes the universal spiritual journey, which was, in fact, their original purpose long ago. The Tarot is comprehensive, doesn’t have any baggage from the past like traditional religions do, and like older and outmoded systems do.

To give you an idea, here’s the map of the Fool’s Journey.

This circle constitutes The Fool’s Secret Journey, Volume 3: The Practices. It will not appear as a print or e-book,. but exists only as the Practices here and in the next circle.

Covered here are the journey Stages I through III.  This circle has five modules.

The Circle of Agents

This is the second, more advanced paid membership area. This covers Stages IV-VII and The World card—the right side of the journey map.

Also discussed are Community, Outer Work, the Guild, and teacher training. Work assignments are available, once you get good at being Agents and having steady and clear communication with your inner guides. (Again, to be clear, it is these guides, and only these guides, who give assignments).

The Agent’s Circle is not yet open.


At this level, you become one of the Few, no longer just an Agent. Bliss; going beyond the human realm. Bodhisattvas. This is about merging into The World card; the choice the Magician may make.

The inner Golden Age is reached. So this is not actually a level on this site like the previous ones. It’s not something you do or pay for.

It’s something you become.