Our Community

Our Community, Our Tribe

We are a community here. A tribe, really. It’s a community of Fools, although that’s a special term with a specific meaning:

Fool (fōōl), n. 1. Someone on a spiritual path who isn’t afraid to look foolish before their peers. 2. Someone who learns to see and understand what few others can. 3. Someone, in other words, who is brave. The word is a badge of honor and distinction, although, sadly, its ranks have enjoyed only a limited membership. Maybe, though, that’s changing.

In this connection, remember Emerson’s often-misquoted quote: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” He was talking about rocking the boat, about taking the status out of the status quo. He was talking about Fools.

And here’s something else for you: Only the brave and hopeful can proceed to dismantle their present self in order to create a new self and, thereby, a new future. But be sure you understand this before going any further: This is about changing yourself. It’s not about changing, convincing, or forcing anyone else. Only after you change yourself from the inside do things on the outside change accordingly.

This is not to say, though, you have to do this all by yourself. Which brings us back to our community.

To join a group is to be recognized, validated, and empowered.

It is important, though, to join the right groups. A group must not use its beliefs as an excuse to hate others. Such hatred, at bottom, always masks self-contempt, which only arise from others who have themselves already been convinced to hate. If only our daughters and sons were strong enough to reject the hate their mothers and fathers teach them!

Groups that don’t hate are a very powerful way to break this cycle. For if you no longer hate people, sooner or later you will come to help them. For this to happen, though, the group you join must help you neutralize the negativity within yourself, for you must have inner clarity and peace within yourself before you can bring it to others.

This is how you learn how to become an Agent and Companion of the Few.

About our tribe

  • We are all partisans here, and we call ourselves Fools. We are in training to become Agents. We are radicals. Boat rockers. It’s nothing about violence or intolerance—quite the contrary. We have some radical ideas about mostly inner things, so it’s only our own boats we rock to get us out of our old patterns of thought and behavior. Nothing about you, unless you decide to join us. This is not for everyone, after all.
  • And yet, little successes create a growing self-confidence and faith in yourself. Gradually you begin to see that the great hopes for your future can come true. So maybe it is for everyone.
  • In this community, you no longer despair or lose hope. These things are caused by isolation, and you now have fast and steady companions.
  • When you join this tribe—led by the Few, as we say, you’re a rookie recruit with a lot to learn. But pretty soon you get the hang of it, and the Universe begins to operate on your behalf. Your life gets better.

We are intrepreneurs

In our tribe, aka community, we can talk to each other about what’s important, what works and what doesn’t. Online there’s a forum. Offline, but really a different kind of online, there are discussions at a much different level. How or whether this works isn’t something you can throw an opinion at, either yours or someone else’s. You have to join up, do the preliminary work, and experience this for yourself. You have to become an intrepreneur.

To join this community you must achieve certain conditions within yourself first, no exceptions. (These aren’t my rules; this is just the way it works. It’s the same in every genuine spiritual tradition.)

  1. Inner peace. You must learn to be merely an observer to what goes on around and within you. You must be only a witness, and not get hooked on the negative things others say and do.
  2. Be still. You have to be able to shut off the inner monologue, your constant mental chatter.

Only then can you clearly hear your inner guides, which is exactly who the Few are, at least the ones you’ll meet first. We offer training here to achieve this inner peace and stillness.

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