Getting Free

Getting Free

There is a difference between being free from something and being free for something. Often we desire to achieve a goal, but are held back by circumstances or by something within ourselves. Since we aren’t primarily talking about monetary wealth on this site, let’s suppose the goal is to become, or at least to connect with, something larger or higher than ourselves.

Free From

Here’s what can hold us back:

To become free for something, we must first become free from other things that hold us back.

  • Such as unthinking adherence to the opinions of others that have become your beliefs.
  • Our own self-imposed limitations, which prevent us from seeing our own possibilities, and prevent us from moving toward them.
  • The ceaseless mind chatter that prevents inner stillness, which is necessary to hear our inner wisdom and guides.
  • The mental, physical, religious, and psychological oppression of those who would control and direct us for their own benefit.
  • Our habits
  • Our desires
  • And the negative emotions inside us and of those around us.

Free For

If we could get free from these things, what might we become free for?

  • The possibility of becoming safe from harm in body, mind and surroundings.
  • The achievement of our life’s purpose—even just the accurate knowledge of what it is.
  • A realignment from ego self to higher Self.
  • The possibility of joining the Community of the Few in full conscious awareness.

These Few—the higher beings that are all around us, even though they are invisible to us—play the game of life at a higher level. Their goals and rules are different than ours. Specifically, they pursue the tasks of the years and the ages, and they desperately need our help, perhaps now more than ever.

What would you have to do, within yourself, to be able to assist them?

That’s the purpose of the Agent training offered on this site.

You’re not free if …

  • you feel like your life’s in a rut.
  • you feel disillusioned and disatisified—nothing specific, maybe, but you don’t know what to do about it.
  • you can’t shut off the inner dialog to be able to hear your inner guidance clearly.
  • you get triggered into anger (or any negative emotion) by others.
  • you make decisions based on unproven opinions of others, which turn out to be mistakes or dead ends.
  • you’re not available to help yourself or others.
  • you’re afraid, confused, distracted, uncertain, overburdened by the affairs of your life.
  • you feel desperate or helpless, and don’t know which way to turn.
  • people tell you to “Get a life,” and you know they’re right.
  • you feel confused by life and your reason for being alive.
  • you feel resentful toward the world or toward others, but you know deep down these aren’t where the problem really is.
  • you’re sick of your present situation, but feel powerless to change it.

There are lots more signs, but maybe the most important of them all is

you just feel alone.

If any of this resonates …

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