Fool’s Journey Book – Volume 2

The Fool’s Secret Journey – Volume 2
A Map of Death and Rebirth

The Fool's Secret Journey volume 2

From the back cover


The images on the cards of the Tarot deck conceal meanings very different from those in common usage. Actually, the original Tarot cards—which came from Sufis in Moorish Spain in the fourteenth century—had nothing to do with divination or fortune telling.

Instead they formed a map of the ancient, traditional path to Self-Realization and reunion with Universal Spiritual Presence—which is so sorely needed in today’s world.

Hidden from public view for centuries, Fred Cameron has decoded what may have been their original sequence and meanings over 600 years ago, and here presents them as an inner Journey anyone may take.


In this radical re-interpretation of the Tarot cards, twelve of the archetypal card images pair up with the twelve symbols of the Zodiac and form the central part of the map. Amazingly, this map corresponds exactly to the real alignment of the Sun, the Earth and the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Along with the rest of the card images, the willing, metaphysical Fool discovers a path toward spiritual enlightenment and transformation.


What is perhaps most surprising, though, is the overt role the universal feminine energy plays in this Journey—Mary, Shakti, Sophia, the Triple White Goddess, even the Norse Goddess Hel—call Her what you will. Her aspects of Virgin, Crone and loving Mother play integral roles at every stage of the Journey. You are invited to begin it right now.

Volume One – The Fool Wakes Up
Volume Two – A Map of Death and Rebirth
Volume Three – The Practices

Table of Contents

Part III. The Fool’s Journey

Chapter 9 — Introduction the the Fool’s Tarot

The Symbolism of the Images — The Genesis of the Fool’s Tarot — The Tarot of Don Miguel Ruiz — Resequencing the Tarot Trumps — The Zodiac and Galactic Alignment — The Galactic Fool — The Empress is Revealed — A Note on the Trump Names

Chapter 10 — The Parable of the Coach

The Hell Cards — The Transformation of the Fool — The Transcendental Cards — The Stages of the Journey — Stage I Portal — Stage II Inner Knowledge — Stage III The Warrior — Stage IV Sacrifice — Stage VI Emergence — Stage VII Self-Realization — The Stage of Transcendence — Summary of the Journey

Chapter 11 — The Four Aspects of Hell

The Blasted Tower

Introduction — A Physical Cataclysm — The Human Pillar — Severed Heads Redux — The Tower of Babel — The “Erect Member” Hypothesis — Lightening Bolts, Kundalini, Shiva and Shakti — The “House of God” — The Transformation and the Return

The Wheel of Life and Death

The Process of Materialization — Exploring the Symbol — Manipulating the Image — King Arthur and the Holy Grail — The Revolving Castle — The Fourfold Transformation

Interlude — A Shem Is Not A Rocket Ship

The Tower of Babel — A Name by Any Other Name — Zecharia Sitchin — The Trip to Heaven — The Literalist Landscape — Not Buck Rogers? — Mircea Eliade to the Rescue — Decoding the Rest of the Story — Will the Real Shems Stand Up?

The Devil

The Image — Inorganic Beings

The Hanging Man

“Righting” Ourselves — The Figure of Four

Chapter 12 — The Fool

The Image of the Fool — Severed Heads in the Tarot — The Eidolon and the Daemon — Emerging Awareness — The Journey of Initiation

Chapter 13 — The Eye of Death & Rebirth

The Fool’s Journey Map — Traversing the “Eye” — Shiva and Shakti as Archetypes — Summary of the Journey

Chapter 14 — Stage I – The Portal

The Return — On completing the Journey

The Sun

The Gemini Daemon and Eidolon — The Two Races of Mankind — Gemini — Janus and the Portal — The Dual Sun — Briar Rose — The Operational Sun as Light — About the Practices

Chapter 15 — Stage II – Inner Knowledge


The Trumpet’s Call — The Call to Adventure — Time for Some Foolishness! — Transcendental Flexibility

The Moon Pool

The Pool or Grotto — The “actors” — Cancer the Crab — The Fool’s Path to Self-Knowledge

The Heirophant

Interpretation — Pontifex — Grace — Taurus — The Guru Chakra — Who Is the Inner Guru? — Nature’s Safeguards — The Energy Body

Chapter 16 — Stage III – The Warrior


Leo — The Problem of Lying — Intentional Suffering — David and the Lion — The Flight of the Dragon — The Lion and Kundalini

The Emperor

Interpretation — The Inner State — Aries — Constructing your “Empire” — The Invisible King Returns — The Flight of the Dragon, Part 2

Interlude on a Park Bench

Chapter 17 — Stage IV – Conjunction

The Ladder of Ascent — Overview of Stage IV

The Virgin Priestess

Thomas the Rhymer — Virgo — initiation — Kore and the Virgin Mary — The Sacred Marriage — Necessity

The Chariot

Famous Chariots & Baskets


The Warrior’s Skill

The Hermit

Pisces — The Ark-Angel — Summary of Stage IV

Chapter 18 — Stage V – Sacrifice

The Star

The Woman — The Single Star — The Seven Stars — The Tree and the Bird — Aquarius — The Liquid — The Star of “The First Noel”


Maat’s Libation — The Death — Libra

Chapter 19 — Stage VI – Emergence

The Lovers

The Grim Reaper — Palingenesis — Capricorn — Jonah and the “Whale”

The Empress

Born from Above — The Womb and the Cave — Scorpio and the Phoenix

Chapter 20 — Stage VII Self-Realization

The Magician

The Image — Ouroboros — Sagittarius — perseus and Pegasus — The Centaur and the Sun — Those Who Are Awake — The Lineage — The Goddess Hel — Coda: “Hey, nonny, nonny.”

Chapter 21 — Transcendence

The World

The Vesica Pisces — The Four Figures — Ophiuchus, the Thirteenth Sign — The Eighth Chakra — Terminus

Prolog: The Journey Goes Ever On

Appendix — Thomas the Rhymer