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There is an alternate view of history besides the “official” view science gives us, and besides the naïve view of the Christian Fundamentalists. I will call it the Traditional view, where the word “Traditional” has the specific meaning given it by Rene Guenon and Julius Evola, among others, during the first half of the last century. It means a worldview that includes elements of a supra-human order. This just means there is a domain of being higher than just us, apparently ordinary human beings. There is a higher consciousness, a higher order of being which we have always been connected to on one level or another, but from which we are now estranged in consciousness, so much so that hardly anybody remembers anything about it. How this state of affairs came to be is the subject of what follows.

Humankind once had full conscious awareness of other, higher levels of being and existence. Today we would call this a spiritual or divine reality. This experience was in addition to a material existence on Earth; we were able to successfully blend individual, bodily awareness with a universal awareness that naturally extended into other domains of reality beyond the mundane world we experience today. We had, so to speak, one foot in material reality and one foot in a spiritual reality of oneness; we could move from one level of reality to the other at will. Said differently, we were plugged into the spiritual realm, and this is the natural human state; the limited state of awareness we experience today is merely usual in this modern time—it is not normal.

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