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About Us

The word “Freeya” is a play on the words “free you,” and also the name of the chief Norse goddess, usually spelled Freya or Freyja. The name of this site, Freeya.me, is also a play on the words “Freeya dot me.” Here, the word “dot” is used as an injunction, meaning to become as one, or come to the center. A dot is a symbol of unity, a state of being in union with all there is. So when translated, the site name is an injunction that means

“Through the understandings, techniques, and tools of Freeya, and through my own efforts, I will bring myself into union with the highest states of humankind.”

To accomplish this, an active spiritual journey is required. The purpose of this site, and our other sites related to it, is to help you understand the importance of this journey, to prepare you for it, and using a certain map we have devised, guide you through it.

About the goddess Freya

In the old Norse poems, Freya was the patron and protectress of the human race. She wore a beautiful necklace around her neck called the Brisingamen. This word is comprised of brisinga, which means the fire of an enlightened mind, and the suffix men, which means a jewel. So the word refers to human spiritual awareness, visualized as a unique and precious jewel.

However, in these stories the Brisingamen was stolen long ago, and so we remain separated from awareness of our spiritual nature—and this estrangement created the present, very secular age. The story means, therefore, that we have been diverted for a very long time from our proper functions and jobs here on Earth. We will examine in detail how that loss came about, and what its consequences were, right up to the present day.

The goal of the Freeya company is to restore that lost spiritual awareness.

Freeya’s company

Which brings us to the “company” part. The first thing you might think of when you hear the term “the Freeya company” is some sort of business with products or services for sale. Well, that isn’t the kind of company we mean, although there are products here both free and for sale. What it really means is this:

We used to have the expression “a company of friends” to indicate a loose group of people who hung out together, or traveled together, or did jobs or projects together. Or maybe a company of mountaineers who got together to climb Mt. Everest. That’s what we mean here. Freeya is a name for the groups who have gotten together over the centuries and millennia to accomplish certain spiritually-oriented tasks. Be aware that each of these groups, if they are authentic, have had real and substantial contact with higher levels of existence, and the beings that exist on these levels. Of course, these beings have been known by many, many different names.

Here at Freeya, we are interested in providing the understandings and the tools, in the form of practices and personal experiences, so that you make such contact with higher levels of existence. We are not interested in providing that contact for you. We teach fishing, but we don’t sell fish, as someone once famously said.

Today, Freeya’s company is an open group, which is always looking for new members. The tasks we’re interested in completing have been going on for a very long time and no end to them is yet seen.

Free for what?

We don’t use the word “free” to mean free from something. On the contrary, here it means to be free for something very specific. This is described exactly in one of the old Norse lays recorded in the Poetic Edda (which was written down around 1000 CE). When the spiritual seeker is at the culmination of his or her spiritual journey, Freya says:

Long have I awaited you on the mountain of sleep. Now my hope is fulfilled.
You have once more returned, man [or woman], to my halls.

And he or she replies to Freya:

Both have we yearned; I have longed for you, and you to meet me.
Atonement is now, as we two together share the tasks of the years and the ages.

Note that the word “atonement” really means “at-one-ment,” or being in union with, which is exactly the same as the expression we used above: “Freeya dot me,” so I may be available to assist in these tasks. This alludes to a state of consciousness not available until a valid spiritual journey has at least begun in earnest.

Be advised that your role in helping with these tasks is for you to discover. It cannot be given to you by anyone else here on the mundane plane. Nor can it be done by anyone else on any plane of existence. (You are honored too much for that.) Once you have achieved the required state of inner neutrality and stillness, your role will naturally unveil itself. It may surprise you, or it may be something you have known deep down all your life.

The agents of Freya

There are many companions of Freya, some in human form, some not, who are trying to help us recover the natural spiritual awareness we lost long ago. What’s important, though, is to know that we can get this awareness back. We can’t do it alone, though, and that’s where Freya’s company can assist. Not only must we help each other, we also need help from certain spiritual beings that appear within our consciousness once we have quieted our minds. There are exercises and practices for this in the Freeya materials.

On this site and its sister sites, these spiritual beings are given the simple name the Few. Some are in human form; others are not. Their assistants here on the human plane of awareness are called Agents of the Few. The purpose of all true spiritual journeys is to become such an Agent in order to help complete the “tasks of the years and the ages” that are mentioned in the lay.

Our purpose

The purpose of Freeya, then, is to free us from the confines of our restricted consciousness. The leader of this company is Freya. Or God, Jesus, Krishna, Higher Self, Holy Guardian Angel, Bob—whatever you are comfortable with. For those who don’t believe such beings exist, that’s fine; the company will proceed on its own bright way, as it always has.

In our work, everyone who wants to find out more about spiritual things is given the technical term Fool by the company. We Fools are people who aren’t afraid to look foolish before our friends and family in pursuit of our own spiritual advancement. It is such people Freeya’s company serves.

Please join us if you are one of them, and assist us in the tasks of the years and the ages.

About our terminology

We have taken great pains to devise new clothing and terminology for very old spiritual concepts. These are new times which call for new ideas, unburdened by concepts and words in the various spiritual and religious systems and organizations of the past. If you associate yourself with one of these, you will no doubt be able to translate the old concepts into our new ones, for every spiritual and religious tradition carries at least part of the real path. As the Sufis say, they are each right, and they are each wrong.

“For each believes his glimm’ring lamp to be the gorgeous light of day.”

But if you have no such affiliations, or if you have come to a crisis of faith with them, or if you are finally convinced that science doesn’t really have all the answers, then our terminology will constitute a new, baggage-free start for you.

So welcome all to the promise of Freeya’s realm.

About Fred Cameron


Fred is a researcher, author and lecturer. After earning a joint degree in astronomy and physics, he was hired as a programmer at IBM, and later ran a small software company for many years. Struck by a lack of meaning in all this, he experienced a mid-life crisis and in 1989 had a spiritual awakening which led him to explore different realities beyond the one science describes. He became a player in the New Age movement, but found it also lacked essential meaning, and did not really answer any of life’s big questions.

So he set out to discover what genuine spiritual truths might still exist in this modern day­—a task that lasted twelve years and spanned the Western Hermetic tradition, Sufism, and several Eastern traditions. From this work he developed the Fool’s Journey, a synthesis of perennial spiritual teachings, which will appear in a forthcoming book. His first book, Invisible Agents of Creation: Implications of Cosmic Patterns , is one approach to this material for those not especially religious or even spiritual. Regarding this he writes:

It does not pay to be emotionally invested in any kind of religious or spiritual system if there is the least chance it may be inaccurate, misleading, or even incomplete. Of course, once you become so invested, it’s nearly impossible to discover if your system of choice is any of these things, at least without first rejecting it, then coming into emotional neutral with it, if at all possible, and then seeking something else.

While researching and writing The Fool’s Secret Journey, I drew on a handful of traditions and rejected a double handful of others. I was not emotionally invested in any of them, and remain so, because I found even the best of them were incomplete.

In all fairness, though, a full set of answers don’t exist anywhere. The only way to complete any spiritual or religious system is to complete it yourself by personal experience. This being so, we must each ask if the tradition we choose gives us the proper tools to do this.

Fred’s latest project, this site, AgentsofTheFew.com, is a more general introduction to ancient and traditional materials set in a new form with many new insights never before published. As well, it contains practices to get you started on your own spiritual journey.

Mr. Cameron has also recorded a CD of original music, Memories of Home, available here, using ancient tunings from Sumer that date back five thousand years. This music dramatically enhances and facilitates any spiritual journey. He gives workshops and teaches classes on these and related subjects. He lives near Seattle, Washington.

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