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Take a look at the programs and materials we offer. Find out about the “tasks of the years and the ages” and The Fool’s Journey program.

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Our Programs

The Fool’s Secret Journey

There are two books that go along with the material in the Circles and courses on this site.

Fool's Secret Journey books

The courses in the First, Second and Third Circles parallel the material in the books, but with a lot more information the books do not cover.

The books serve as a good introduction, but only the courses on this site offer the vital Practices, without which the Fool’s Journey will lead nowhere, for it is an active journey, not an armchair one. Although proper guidance is needed, only you can do the required inner work.

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We are looking for candidates to become Agents and Companions of the Few. The pay is low, but the benefits are life-changing. We are looking for people who can be:

– Conspirators for the greater good –

– Colluders of joy and comfort –

– Dancers of delight –

– Partners for imaginable plausibility –

– Fierce allies of love and light –

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The New Spirituality

This site is part of The New Spirituality network. Find out more about it—and read its Manifesto.

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What we can do

“We have no idea what to do with our lives.” Colin Wilson

How can we find out? We can’t ask other people, because they’re not us; they don’t know our inmost hearts. They can only offer give their opinions. But the trouble is, oftentimes we don’t know what’s in our hearts either.

So how can we find out? By finding that heart and letting it talk to us. The trick is to hear it clearly, and this takes practice. With the right kind of practice—which is laid out in the Circles on this site—we can discover it, and at the same time discover that it is not a lonely heart: it has lots of company that we can only find in these inner places.

Of course, these are the same Few we’ve been talking about all along.


Are you ready for a big change for the positive in your life?

  • Are you ready to break away from the past?
  • Are you ready to eventually become a Junior God within yourself, and so have much greater control of the circumstances around you?

If you’re not quite ready to try this, head over to the Circle of Allies to access a lot more material.

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